Nutritious and Healthy Meals Local

By preparing delicious, nutritious meals with local produce, you can both eat well AND fight global warming. Many of the products found in local supermarkets have actually traveled thousands, or hundreds, of miles. If consumers were more aware, they could still be bought locally. Recommended site!

Central purchasing policies and economies on scale allow local produce to be shipped to central warehouses and then redistributed to local supermarkets. This could mean that fresh vegetables grown in town by a farmer are sent to consumers living in town D, while those grown in the same town a few weeks later are sent back to town D.

Advantages of Local Produce

Locally sourced produce tends to be more delicious and nutritious than foreign produce. Jamie Oliver, an environmentalist and school administrator from all over the globe, is backing this belief.

The 100 Mile diet founders argued for more emphasis on local produce. They spent a year shopping in farmers markets and proved that healthy eating is possible with minimal transport costs.

Consumers shop locally for produce. Family owned farms gain by encouraging investment in organic farming practices.

Because of this, many countries in the developed world are struggling to fund health care services. One solution to this problem is to return to enjoying nutritious meals from locally grown . It has the potential to decrease carbon emissions and benefit the environment.

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